Creative Gympie

The Creative Gympie Toolkit is a resource developed by Creative Arts Gympie region to grow awareness of the region’s art and culture and position the region as a contemporary destination. Artists, event producers, venues, and anyone wanting to utilise the Toolkit is welcome to jump on board, and together we can showcase the viable and visible creative community of the Gympie region

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Creative Arts Gympie Region has identified a need to be in key target markets with new messaging about the Gympie region and it’s creative industry. There is a need to:

  • Benefit from our creativity, events, nature, and experiences
  • Raise consumer perceptions
  • Promote the diversity of region
  • Align mixed and competing messaging
  • Provide a creative industry value proposition

The Cultural Vision of the Gympie Regional Council Arts and Cultural Plan 2015-2025 is to create “a vibrant, diverse, engaged and creative community rich with character, history and opportunity.” Creative Arts Gympie Region will contribute to the actualisation of this vision through the successful delivery of the Creative Gympie brand. The key objectives of Creative Gympie are:

  • To create economic prosperity for the region by fostering positive perceptions of the Gympie region and its creative sector to key audiences (residents, potential residents, investors, developers and visitors) in the regions primary target markets;
  • To grow awareness of the region’s art and cultural offer across investment, business, and tourism
  • To position the region as a contemporary destination that is welcoming and open for business

The region needs to tell a different story about itself. The story has to be genuine, compelling and cohesive. Done well, an authentic regional story has the power to unite communities behind a common message, foster community pride in the region and provide the tools to help the community to establish an emotional connection with its audiences – whether visitors, investors or new families considering a move to the region. The development and implementation of the regional Creative Gympie Brand was also identified as an opportunity to unite an divided community behind one cohesive message. Why is Brand Storytelling Important?

  • Today’s consumers are driven by the personal connections that they make with brands. The importance of brand storytelling lies in its ability to establish an emotional connection with the audience.
  • Fostering community engagement between your brand and your audience will greatly help to establish that emotional connection and a strong strategy in brand storytelling will ultimately establish brand loyalty as your audience begins to associate your brand with your content.
  • By taking this approach, the region would be taking a fresh, modern approach to its consumer marketing and differentiating itself from its competitors based on emotional benefits (how the region makes you feel) as well as rational benefits (what it looks like).

At the outset of the brand process, it was envisaged that the marketing of the region and creative sector was the responsibility of the entire community and particularly that sector and that although Creative Arts Gympie Region will lead the regional marketing approach, all other businesses, the wider community and the creative sector could support CAGR by using the story in their own promotions. Creative Gympie Brand Toolkit The toolkit is provided free for use by the creative community of the Gympie region. These core elements form our brand toolkit and help create a memorable, authentic brand for the Gympie region and its creative industries. This includes:

  • 6 quality images that personify the brand
  • Various forms of the Creative Gympie logo
  • Colour palette
  • Typography
  • Graphic devices
  • Templates that incorporate elements of the toolkit for ease of use

See the Creative-Gympie-Brand-Manual for information on how to use the brand elements. JPG logo formats

PNG logo formats: White reverse: White reverse with black a:   The Creative Gympie brand and marketing campaign is thanks to funding from Regional Arts Fund’s Cultural Tourism Accelerator Program through Flying Arts Alliance.